Call to schedule an appointment

Often times your physician’s office will work directly with AAR to schedule an appointment for you. If you have been asked by your physician to make your own appointment, please call our scheduling team at 703.824.3260 - Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Prior to calling, please be sure to have the following information handy:

  • Your physician’s or health care provider’s order
  • Insurance information


Online scheduling

If online is more convenient for you, we are happy to accommodate your request for an appointment online, please select and click on the service you need to schedule a request for an appointment, fill out the form and we will call you or email you with your appointment day and time within 24 hours.

AAR imaging center appointment

Your appointment

Please bring your current insurance card to ensure the information is valid at the time of service. Also, insurances now require we ask you for a valid photo identification card, and please bring a listing of any medications you are currently taking.

Appointment cancellations, late arrivals or missed appointments

Missed Appointments
At AAR, we realize that life happens, and you may have to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Please call us at least 24 hours in advance.  Please be advised we may charge you a $25 cancellation fee for missed appointments without notification. To cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call 703-824-3260.

Late Arrivals
If you are more than 15 minutes late for a scheduled appointment, we will try our best to work you in the schedule, however it may be necessary to reschedule your exam so as not to inconvenience our other patients.  Upon check-in, one of our Patient Service Representatives will inform you of the anticipated wait time.  At this time, you may choose to wait while we work you back in to our schedule or reschedule your exam.

Patient Privacy

AAR is committed to protecting your medical privacy, and we adhere to all HIPAA and Privacy practices and regulations.



In order to expedite your patient registration process, AAR now offers our registration forms online for your convenience. Please download the Registration PDF fillable forms below.Please complete the forms and print the completed forms prior to your visit and bring the printed forms to your appointment. Thank you.

Patient  Registration Forms
English Spanish
Patient Exam Forms
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In order to expedite your patient visit at the Advanced Interventional Vein and Vascular Center, please download and print the forms below to bring with you to your appointment. Thank you.

Patient History Forms
Aesthetics Services
Pelvic Pain
Uterine Fibroid
Varicose Vein
Sobre La Salud de las Venas

Please notify our office 48 hours in advance to arrange for a film or CD pick-up. If you have not called ahead for your film or CD pickup, we will be happy to accommodate your request, however you may experience an delay as we accommodate your request. Please note that if your films or CD are stored in our offsite storage facility, you will need to make arrangements to return on another day.

To arrange for a film or CD of your images release, please complete the Authorization to Disclose Health Information form and submit it to AAR. Please call the center where your exam was performed to arrange for film or CD pick up or mail delivery.

  • AAR Alexandria Imaging Center: 703.751.5055, option 3
  • AAR Woodbridge Imaging Center: 703.494.3309, option 3
  • AAR MRI of Woodbridge: 703.494.3340
  • Inova Alexandria Hospital: 703.504.3410
  • Inova Mount Vernon Hospital: 703.664.7445


Contact AAR Woodbridge Imaging Center for copies of exams performed at Lorton Imaging Center or Woodbridge X-ray Center.

As a service to our patients, AAR will provide images to referring physicians at no charge. Patients requesting images will incur a fee (outlined below) unless those images are required by the referring physician.

For all procedures performed after July 2007, images are available on CD or film. There is no charge for the first CD copy. Film prints are available at $7.00 per sheet of film. Additional copies are available for a fee of $7.00 per CD or sheet of film.

For all procedures performed before July 2007, original films may be checked out at no charge.  Copies of films, if available, are provided for a fee of $7.00 per sheet.  Note that, for example, the charge for a copy of an exam with 5 images would be $35.00.

In compliance with HIPAA regulations, films or CDs will not be released to anyone other than the patient without authorization. If you are picking up images for someone other than yourself, you will need identification and written authorization from the patient. If an authorization note is already on file at AAR, only identification will be required.

We at AAR continually strive to provide you with convenient, high-quality healthcare.  One of the ways we do this is by providing you - the convenience of an Electronic Health Record (EHR).  We believe an EHR enhances the quality, coordination, and safety of patient care and allows medical providers to operate more efficiently and effectively.  

Moreover, an EHR makes it easier for patients to take a more active, informed role in managing their own healthcare needs, thereby empowering them to better understand their medical conditions, treatments, and preventive regimens.  Also, last but not least, an EHR helps to ensure that healthcare providers are continuously informed of their patients’ medical history.

 Please see the information below and please let us know if we can be of further assistance should you have a question or an issue. Thank you for choosing AAR!

Patient Portal Login Instructions

  • Access the portal login page by clicking on the Patient Portal Icon – located in the upper right hand corner of our website’s homepage.
  • Enter your user name (your email address provided to us at the time of your visit) and password to access your record. This information can be found on the card that was provided to you during your visit to AAR.


Patient Portal FAQ’s & Tech Support Information

1.I am having an issue with logging into the portal.
   Upon signing up for the portal, you were provided a card with information about where and     how to access the portal. Your username is the email address you supplied to us at that time.The password was also supplied to you with instructions on how to change the password. If for any reason you need to change your password please email or contact us, please see below: or call 703.824.3240.
Our support team is available Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please note we will get back to you with any voicemails or emails left outside of our normal business hours, the next business day.

2.How do I change my password?
   If you can’t access the portal to change your password, please click the ‘Forgot Password’ link below the login button. You will be asked to provide the email address which is your username and your date of birth in the _ _/_ _ /_ _ _ _ format. An email will be sent to you with your temporary password. If you can access the portal, then please click the ‘Options’ button, enter your current password and then your new password.

3.I’m in the portal, however I am not able to find my report
   Your report will go to the physician that referred you when it has been completed. Your report is available to be viewed online 72 hours after the report has been finalized by our radiologist.To access your report click the ‘Patient File’ tab and then the’ Exam History’ button. Under the Report column your report can be accessed by clicking the icon which looks like a ‘turning page.’

4.Do I have access to my Billing information on the portal?
   We have a separate site with billing and insurance information. Please click here to access that page.

Association of Alexandria Radiologists Statements

You can pay your bill on line here at

Please note, should you experience any issues with our online bill payment option, please call our billing office at 1.877.235.7686. A client specialist will be happy to assist you with your payment. We apologize for any inconvenience in advance, and we thank you for being a part of your health care team!

AAR’s billing services team can assist you, your referring physician or healthcare provider, and your insurance provider with billing questions or concerns. Our billing staff is very knowledgeable and can most often answer any questions or resolve any issues fairly quickly. Should you wish to speak to one of our client specialists at our billing office, please call 1.877.746.7094 or if you prefer you may contact our billing office by fax, or email – below:

Association of Alexandria Radiologists, PC
PO Box 79537
Baltimore, MD 21279-0537

Will my insurance cover this procedure, and will AAR bill my insurance provider?

Your insurance coverage is based on criteria outlined in your insurance plan coverage document. It is best to check with your insurance company if you are unsure about whether they will cover the test. Even if your insurance plan covers the test, you will be responsible for any co-payment, co-insurance, or deductible amount specified by your insurance plan.

Association of Alexandria Radiologists, PC (AAR) will submit claims to your insurance carrier on your behalf. Any amount not covered by your insurance benefits, including deductibles and co-payments, will be billed to you. If you have questions about your insurance coverage, please contact your insurance carrier directly

Will I have an out-of-pocket expense for this procedure?

 The amount an insurance company pays for a test is dependent upon the co-pay, co-insurance, and any deductible amounts that need to be satisfied. It is best to check with your insurance company to determine what your out-of-pocket expense will be on your procedure

What are Co-payments, Co-insurances, and Deductibles?

A Co-payment (Co-pay) is a fixed dollar amount that patients pay for physician office visits, prescriptions or hospital services. Coinsurance is a defined percentage of the charges for services rendered. A deductible is the amount of eligible expense a person must pay each year from his/her own pocket before the insurance plan will make payment for eligible benefits.

Does AAR participate with my insurance plan?

We are a preferred provider to the following insurance carriers. Please check with your insurance provider and/or our facility when scheduling appointments to ensure that your procedure will be covered under your plan.

Why did I receive two bills for only one exam?

If your examination or procedure was performed in an AAR outpatient office, you will receive one statement for both the professional and technical components of your exam.  The professional component is the interpretation of your exam by an AAR Radiologist.   The technical component is the use of the facility, equipment, supplies and personnel.

If your examination or procedure was performed at Inova Alexandria Hospital, Inova HealthPlex, Inova Mount Vernon Hospital or Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center,  you will receive separate statements for the professional and technical components. AAR will bill for the professional component.  You will receive a separate bill from the hospital facility for the technical component.

Do I need an insurance authorization for my procedure?

Several insurance plans require pre-authorization for certain radiology exams -  typically MRI, CT, PET/CT scans, and Nuclear Medicine Cardiac Scans. For an exam scheduled at one of our centers, we will be happy to contact your insurance plan, and provide information to obtain the necessary authorization and authorization number.

I don’t have insurance, can you assist me?

AAR offers a discount to self-pay patients who pay, in full, at the time of their exam.  If you are unable to pay for your exam in full at the time of service, we can assist you in setting up a payment plan.

Your Safety

Our patients’ safety is paramount at AAR, and we take strong measures to ensure each patient is treated safely throughout their exam center experience.

Each of our team members, whether it be a technologist or radiologist, is specially trained in their specific exam or imaging modality and continually participates in ongoing education, becoming more familiar with new protocols or updated health care indicators associated with their modality.

AAR’s imaging equipment and imaging centers are accurately maintained and must meet high measures of industry standards set by government and health care officials. Upgrades to software and medical imaging machines are completed on a regular basis to meet strict guidelines.

Radiation Exposure

AAR also evaluates the risk versus benefit of any exam before it is performed. Generally, radiation doses from imaging exams are relatively small as compared to the diagnostic information and clinical benefit obtained from most exams - far outweighing the risks. Our exams are conducted in a controlled setting and are targeted to limit radiation exposure to a specific part of the body. A patient’s history and age are major factors taken into consideration and evaluated before the exam.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, most people in the United States receive an annual radiation dose of about 320 to 360 millirem (used to measure radiation); 80% of that is from natural sources such as elevation, soil, rocks, radon gas, human bodies, or plane trips. Imaging procedures typically account for the remaining 20%. The typical chest x-ray is comparable to taking a flight from Charlotte to Los Angeles.

Studies have shown no increased risk of cancer among people who experience up to 1,000 millirems of background radiation each year

Below are some common imaging procedures and the radiation risks associated with them. Please keep in mind each modality’s radiation dosage varies by study based on the part of the body.

DEXA Scan                                                         

DEXA scanning uses less radiation than other exams and the radiation is less than that of a chest x-ray or a cross country flight.

Digital Mammography

Improvements have been made to decrease radiation exposure from mammograms to the lowest level possible. The radiation from a mammogram is equivalent to 40 millirems. To put that in context, the average person is exposed to 70 millirems of radiation every two months just from everyday living.

3D Breast Tomosynthesis

3D breast tomosynthesis is comparable to and could be lower than conventional two-view-full-field digital mammography

Ultrasound (US)

Ultrasound uses sound waves to image patients and does not use radiation. There is no radiation risk for an ultrasound exam.


A mild dose of radiation is used to perform this study; and a plain chest x-ray is comparable to a cross country flight. Low exposure


DEXA scanning uses less radiation than other exams and the radiation is less than that of a chest x-ray or a cross country flight.

Visit the ACR website for more information.