Did You Know that our Facilities are ACR Accredited in the Following Areas?

  • Breast Ultrasound Alexandria
  • Mammography Alexandria and Woodridge
  • Ultrasound Alexandria and Woodridge
  • Vascular Alexandria and Woodridge
  • How did AAR become ACR Accredited?

    ACR accreditation is awarded to those facilities who undergo and pass a rigorous evaluation by an expert panel of board-certified radiologists and medical physicists. Image quality, procedure evaluation, facility equipment, quality control and assurance, and personnel qualifications are assessed for the achievement of high practice standards.

    What Does this Mean to You?

    As a patient of AAR, you can rest assured knowing that:

    • AAR meets nationally-accepted standards
    • AAR personnel are qualified to perform and interpret your medical images
    • AAR facilities and equipment meet and/or exceed quality and safety guidelines

    For more information on what it means to be ACR accredited, please visit:  http://www.acr.org/Quality-Safety/Radiology-Safety/Patient-Resources/Mea...